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KSR and RHIn February, the KSR team partnered with the Running Heroes website and its community of enthusiastic runners to create a one week running challenge to compete for a spot in the Kilimanjaro Stage Run.

Running Heroes is an internet platform that supports and encourages French and international runners to practice their favorite sport by rewarding them after their efforts. We like the idea of promoting running and we decided to take part in this adventure endeavor by offering a free 2016 KSR package to one lucky winner.

1,269 Runners had one week to reach a set goal to make them eligible for the prize drawing:  Run 80km with 800m of elevation gain, as verified by their GPS.  Not easy you would say? As you should!  In fact, it was important that the winner of this challenge show that he or she has the necessary strength and endurance to join other extreme athletes who will run the Kilimanjaro Stage Run in August. We wanted to provide a blessing, rather than a curse, to the winner! The idea was to reward a runner who lives for their passion and puts their energy toward achievement in this demanding physical activity, and make sure the winner can keep up stride-by-stride with Simon!

We were pleased to see the large number of runners who participated in this challenge and even happier to see the number who actually achieved the demanding goal (54 of the 1,269 entrants).  It shows a strong interest in joining Simon and his KSR team to explore the trails circumnavigating majestic Mount Kilimanjaro.

The challenge is over and we have one happy winner, Mr. Yannick Sire from Nice (France).  But the adventure does not stop!  Spaces are still available to participate in this run off-the-beaten-path and into the mythic landscapes and local culture around Kilimanjaro.  Run with Simon, meet the local population, and challenge yourself in this unique and authentic endurance event.

Adventure is guaranteed and the journey is unforgettable….


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