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During the Kilimanjaro Stage Run, you will live 10 days in the heart of Tanzania, a country where the scenes of life, vegetation, and landscape are certainly very different from your own.  You will pass through places that few tourists have had the opportunity to be.  Expect to observe, encounter, and experience many different and new things, but also expect to be pleasantly surprised – to smile and to laugh… every day.

Open your five senses and live this extraordinary experience!

See if you too encounter all of these:

  1. Blue monkeys.
  2. Colobus monkeys (less likely to see).
  3. Woman carrying bananas on her head.
  4. Kids kicking a homemade football made out of plastic bags.
  5. Kid yelling “mzungu!”
  6. Shop name with the name of an English city or football team.
  7. Kibo Peak (summit of Kili; rounded).
  8. Mawenzi peak (lower peak on Kili; much more jagged).
  9. Maasai in traditional dress talking on a mobile phone.
  10. Another mzungu (white person) after you depart the Marangu gate area (not likely!).
  11. Kids running along with you.
  12. Children singing at school.
  13. Three people riding on one motorcycle.
  14. Goats in the road.
  15. Baby that starts to cry upon seeing you.
  16. Woman with a baby on her back.
  17. Two young men holding hands (sign of friendship – not sexual).
  18. A child in a school sweater in the pattern of the Tanzania flag.
  19. Someone wearing a t-shirt with a profanity on it (second hand clothing from North America).
  20. Church bells ringing.
  21. A guy hanging out of a mini-bus.
  22. A gaggle of giggling girls.
  23. Piece of meat hanging on a hook outside a butcher shop.
  24. Hundreds of bananas loaded in an old truck.
  25. A cute chameleon hiding on a leaf (if you don’t run too fast!)
  26. A kid rolling a lid of a paint bucket with a stick.
  27. Clothes layed out on a bush to dry.
  28. Lots of cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and dogs, but no cats (except the one at Mbahe Farm).
  29. Very big and ugly spiders (but harmless!).
  30. Small crabs in the rain forest!
  31. A traditional Chagga hut (conical shaped made with natural fibers).
  32. Bridge made from a couple of wooden planks (or a log).
  33. The delicious smell of a huge eucalyptus tree.
  34. The laugh of the KSR guides coming from the kitchen tent.

After 10 days count how many you have spotted.  And add your own memorable uniquely Tanzanian sights and sounds!


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