KSR day by day – Stage 5 & 6

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Stage 5 : From West Kilimanjaro to Masama.
Stage 6: From Masama to Mweka.

Stage 5 is the longest stage. We begin with a long ascent into the forest reserve where active timber harvesting continues, then exit to a hot and dry lowland stretch, and finally return to the verdant southern slopes of Kilimanjaro.

On Stage 6, we encounter our steepest valleys and  ridges above a densely settled area of smallholder Arabica coffee farms that use centuries-old irrigation canals dug along the mountainside. Each village has its own primary school, each with its own distinctive uniform color for the students.

Live the Kilimanjaro Stage Run from the inside thanks to Yannick’s video, a french runner who ran it in 2016.